Investment opportunities

investment land on the lake Lipno

In terms of investment, Lake Lipno is still a “hidden champion” - it offers plenty of investment opportunities.

We specialize in the most beautiful properties on Lake Lipno. The main criterion for searching for real estate is always direct access to water. We plan and structure projects from purchase to sale to the end customer. We also realize the projects ourselves, for example Lakeside Village, where we also succeed in selling the project. This project shows our know-how and the reason why our partners, with whom we participate in projects in the recreational area of Lipno, contact us.

Exclusive land by lake

More than 170 hectares of land directly on the shores of Lake Lipno

Land by the lake is a much demanded commodity and today it is not easy to get it. Land on the lake represents an interesting investment for the investor mainly due to the following aspects:

  • Location (Access to water, lake view, pier construction)
  • Commercial purposes (Water properties are popular tourist destinations)
  • Interesting investment for the investor certain and lucrative appreciation)

Investment property

Investing in real estate is an increasingly popular means of assessing your financial resources or of securing your old age.

Why to buy a lake house or apartment:

  • Location (Access to the water, lake view)
  • Sure rental income- Average appreciation of properties in areas like Lipno is around 3-6% per year
  • Two main seasons: Summer and winter (many activities, 3 ski resorts around )

Investment real estate on the Lipno Lake

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